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Laura asks…

Can you list some vegetarian lizards?

I want to buy a pet lizard just don’t want to feed it insects. Does anyone know any lizards that only eat fruit and vegetables and would make a good pet for a young girl?
P.S. if you were wondering my dad is also gonna help me but I’m the one that wants it most :D

greg answers:

The best vegetarians are the uromastyx, dessert iguana, or chuckwalla. The chuckwallas are probably the most difficult because they seem to be more sensitive to accuracy of replicating their natural environment. Desert iguanas get no where near the size of green iguanas and are one of my personal favorites along with the uromastyx. All 3 of these come from very hot very dry deserts so heat and uvb will absolutely be required for proper care. There are many different species of uromastyx so do some research on what ever you choose and be thurough read many care sheets not just one and also research the natural habitats the lizard you choose comes from because that’s What you’ll have to try and replicate in their enclosure. is probably the best website I’ve seen for uromastyx info

Mandy asks…

a cheap vegetarian pet?

i want a pet for my birthday! And i’m interested in lizards and hamsters!? any info? on a cheap! vegetarian pet?
welll where do you get snails?

greg answers:

A guinea pig is a nice pet, and they’re not too hard to look after. :)

Charles asks…

Which ‘alternative’ small vegetarian/herbivore pets are interesting and fun to own?

I recently held my first tarantula, millipede and snake. Unfortunately, snakes and spiders need to be fed live food (or frozen mice) which isn’t ideal for my living situation. A millipede may be interesting but I believe they can become smelly due to the liquid they excrete sometimes?

Can anyone recommend something similar that is interesting and fun to watch/own? A Crested Gecko us an option for a lizard, but I’m relying on Yahoo answers to give me some advice incase I’m missing out on an awesome pet ;)
Crested gecko don’t need to eat live food. There’s a special feed made just for them.

I will investigate the mice! :) as for a tortoise, I believe they cost a lot and live for a very long time so not ideal either :(

greg answers:

The liquid millipedes secrete is a defense mechanism; a happy and healthy millie shouldnt smell at all

If they are legal where you are, giant african land snails make fantastic pets.
Also look into land hermit crabs, uromastyx lizards (although they DO need live food sometimes, particularly whilst young and still growing, as do crested geckos), birds such as finches and hookbills (zebra finches and parrotlets especially) and there are several species of beetles to consider. Rhino beetles are my favourites :)

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